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Pea in a Podcast on mini hiatus

October 27, 2012

Hello PEAs 🙂
I just wanted to send out an update regarding Pea in a Podcast. Since I started law school, I have not had time to devote to writing a brand new podcast. However, once I break for the holidays, I will definitely post a new episode. I am hoping for another interview but that depends on whether or not I can work it out. But please stand by and know that I will return soon!

Me in the law library at school



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  1. Bryan permalink
    March 26, 2014 3:23 pm

    It seems I may be late on the draw here haha.. But I just saw you on that show “freaky eaters” the title itself didnt set off right to me but fits the picture on how I feel .. what the average person can not understand is just rejected and its not ok. I admire you tried things outside your comfort zone on camera. I know my limits.. nowhere as extreme but a limit is a limit and would never expect anyone to just deal with something!! If that was the case you are a freak for not mowing down the first sight of roadkill you see!!?!? I would like to contact you if that is ok.

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